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Power Quality & Reliability

Power Quality and Reliability

Close involvement in issues associated with power quality and reliability of supply since the 1980's. ln this regard, Alex had a major role in the development of the market for UPS systems in Australia during his time with Holec Pty Ltd (1980-90) including the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of major diesel UPS systems and large battery powered static UPS systems and development of an Australian small UPS unit.

This included drawing the electricity industry’s attention to ensure responsibility of higher quality power lies with the particular customer. He became Chairman of ESAA’s Power Quality Committee in 2000 while with Integral Energy and continues to pay an active role as an industry expert on ENA's Power Quality Working Group of the Reliability and Power Quality Committee.

Alex was a Member 2008 International Conference on Harmonics Power Quality Conference Organising Committee held at University of Wollongong.

He has published papers and promoted the establishment of a new international standard on steady state voltages which recognises the international standard voltage of 230V/400V.

Alex is actively involved  in Australian and International Standards acitivites as a member of Standards Australia Committee EL034 and participation on IEC Working Groups ot TC8 and SC77A.