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2014 National President
Honorary Fellow,
National Councillor,
Chairman Audit and Risk Committee &
Convenor Special Committee on Being Chartered 2011-2012
of Institution of Engineers Australia

Member of CIGRE 
Member of CIGRE For power system expertise
Member of Australian Panels AP C4 Systems Technical Performance and Australian Panel AP C6 Active Distribution Systems and distributed energy resources

Member of Committees EL34, EL23, EL07-4
Member of IEC Working Groups of Committees TC9. SC77A and TC99

Associate Member of Resolution Australia

2018 recipient of IEC 1906 Award - 1906 Awardrecognizes exceptional current achievements of experts
Member IEC Advisory Committee Transmission and Distribution (ACTAD)
Australian Alternate member to IEC Standards Management Board representative 2018
Australian Liaison Member TC99 Insulation co-ordination and system engineering of high voltage electrical power installations above 1,0 kV AC and 1,5 kV DC
Member TC99 MT4 and JMT7
Liaison Member and Member of IEC Working Groups of Committees TC8, SC8A, SC8B. SC77A and TC99