Consulting Electrical Engineers

Strategic Network Development & Distribution Systems

Strategic Network Development

As Principal of BES (Aust) Pty Ldt, Alex Baitch has extensive experience over the past 40 years in the development of the electricity distribution network. This commenced with wide range of experience as an electricity distribution utility and extensive involvement in all aspects of electricity distribution and utilisation in subsequent years. As Manager System Development at Integral Energy in the early 2000's he was responsible for developing the long term development plans for Integral Energy. He has had an ongoing involvement in provision of consulting services to electricity utilities, regulators, developers and end-users with respect to network issues.


Distribution Systems

Alex Baitch has extensive experience in the detail design and installation of electricity distribution and sub-transmission systems covering both the substation and network design.

Alex is an Accredited Service Provider Level 3 for design of distribution systems and provides strategic advice to customers with respect to supply options.